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Poseidon's Feast :: Live Marine Copepods – 3000+ Tisbe & Tigriopus Pods – 16oz by AlgaeBarn

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16 oz

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  • Feeds pipefish, seahorses, gobis, clown fish, mandarin dragonets, blennies, and other finicky fish
  • Highly nutritious, leaving your fish looking healthy and vibrant
  • Cleans your tank by consuming detritus and invasive algae


Our copepod startup culture consists of two species of copepods, ranging from nauplii to adults, that breed at high rates. Copepods are frequently referenced as one of the most nutritionous foods available for marine aquarium inhabitants and they are consumed by fish, shrimps, crabs, and corals. Our copepods fed high-quality phytoplankton deliver nutrition to your aquatic life, increasing growth rates, vibrance, and health.

Tigriopus californicus: Large, red, and and packed with omega-3 fatty and amino acids, Tigriopus copepods make a nutritious meal for even the finickiest of fish. Although Tigriopus females produce hundreds of eggs during their life, they typically inhabit the water column and are very jerky when they move, making them an easy target for your critters.

Tisbe biminiensis: These smaller, hardy copepods tend to inhabit the cracks and crevasses, helping them maintain their population making them a sustainable food source in your tank. They consume detritus, phytoplankton and invasive algae and occasionally float into the water column, providing a nutritious treat for your fish.

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