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  • Freshwater Fish Aquarium Maintenance July 22, 2011
    In order to ensure that your freshwater fish aquariums are invariably healthy and beautiful then you will have to do regular maintenance in it. Of course in case you allow what to escape hand with your aquariums then they will probably be tough to maintain however , if you keep things in order they is […]
  • Easy Guide to your Freshwater Fish Aquarium July 21, 2011
    You have probably thought about owning freshwater fish aquariums previously or another for those who have not owned them. If you’ ve not had your own then you probably know someone who either does now or has in the past. Since many people enjoy aquariums you’ ll find that there are various sorts of styles […]
  • Basic principles about Starting Fresh Water Fish Aquariums in your house July 20, 2011
    Starting fresh water fish aquariums in your home is just about the most favored choices for introducing an easy task to maintain pets. Plus there is lots of beauty in aquariums and they works extremely well within the d?cor. Not only are children easily entertained but you will recognize that other pets are entertained as […]
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Why Home Aquarium is better to keep than any Pet

Home aquariums have been very popular among people  in coastal areas. They were considered as a sign of luxury. Hotels used to have large aquariums even then too. Home aquariums have become easy to maintain now as compared to the past.  It takes less money and time to set home aquariums now.


These aquariums are colorful and attract the people. They attract not only kids but adults as well. They provide a source of pleasure and are thought to have healing ability too. This is the reason we find them in hospitals and clinics.


Kids are very fond of fish and if you have a home aquarium, they’ll surely love it. If your kids are pressing you to get a pet and you can’t get them one because of maintenance cost and time restraints then you can surely get a home aquarium. You can have issues about pets but fish do not have such issues of cleanliness and maintenance. 


If you have small kids who want to play all the time, you can keep them busy by getting a home aquarium. They’ll be entertained and you can have rest. Cats, dogs and other pets require vaccinations and visits to the vet doctor but fish do not need this stuff. Other pets also need treatments for ticks and flea. Fish do not need any regular treatments or vaccinations.


This can be introduced to children as an interesting hobby. This will definitely reduce the impact of media on their lives and they’ll get more creative. You can also introduce it as a remedy to children who are very attached to television or video games. You will notice in your child after they get entertained by fish and get attracted to their bright colors. Your child will surely get more responsible if you ask them to feed the fish at specific times under your supervision.


All in all, home aquariums will provide a new dimension to your home and change the attitude of your children too!

How to setup an aquarium for fish?

If you are looking for tips and ideas about setting up an aquarium for fish then you are at the right place. Planning an aquarium beforehand is a great idea if you want to avoid any mishap. The important thing about the entire planning one is to focus on the fish and their comfort. You should keep in mind their food and habitat need in mind.

The first step is to buy an aquarium for fish. it can be of glass or acrylic. The tank should be large enough to provide the fish with enough space to move around. Now you have to get a suitable substrate for your aquarium. There are several options such as coral sand, rocks etc.

Now add water to the aquarium. The temperature of water should be around 68 to 77 Fahrenheit. A water filter is the most essential equipment that you need for your aquarium. There are three types of filters which are mechanical, chemical and biological. You can get one from the shop where you bought your aquarium. 

The lighting source should be good enough to make the fish visible. During the day the fish should get good amount of light because it has some essential nutrients in it. Also, plants need light o carry out photosynthesis.

You can add live plants to your aquarium for fish. This will balance the environment. Both the plants and fish should have similar temperature requirements.

While choosing the fish for your aquarium, keep in mind that all of them have similar needs and are friendly towards each other. They should be smaller in size. You can also study about different types of fish and their needs on the internet too.

All these factors if kept in mind will help you design an excellent aquarium for fish an din doing so, you will be able to enjoy your aquarium for longer and with less hassle.

The Benefits of Aquarium Fish Tank Filters For Home

If you are a hobbyist or a passionate about keeping fish and are thinking to start off and bring a aquarium fish tank into your home then you are taking a right decision. Because of the lively and colorful nature of fish, they will add to the colors to your life at home.

But you do have to have some knowledge about keeping them and maintaining their proper habitat, in the aquarium fish tank, in order to have them for a longer period of time. Taking care of fish might take much more time than you had initially thought it might. But, once you get familiar to the process of maintaining a proper habitat for them, you’ll get the job easily done.

There are people who just want to have an aquarium fish tank set up but don’t have much knowledge about the basic issues that need to be known and so they could not maintain them very well. The result is that they end up with their fish dying day by day. Many people don’t get the importance of tank’s filter and take its maintenance lightly. But the fact is that it’s the most important thing in the aquarium that keeps the fish safe from several toxins. It also prevents several unhealthy conditions to develop.

Basically these filters have 2 main purposes, either being used in fresh water or in saltwater:

  • Firstly, they remove most of the physical and soluble chemical waste from the aquarium fish tank. Because of this, the maintenance becomes a simple and easy task.
  • Secondly, they are used to support the fish life in an aquarium fish tank. They make the fish’s life easier by making the environment closer to real fish habitat.


As you can observe, the reason to have a aquarium fish tank filter is a necessity and not an option. So, while you are going for the things that make up your aquarium, consider the filter as the top of the list entity.


Tips on decorating your office with a Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Freshwater fish aquariums are not only liked by kids but they are fancied and admired by a lot of adults too. Many a times these fish are kept in homes and offices. The fish are pleasant to look at and provide relaxation when you see how they swim and glide easily in water.


If you are a lawyer, dentist, or a stay home mom, you can keep a freshwater fish aquarium to add to the beauty of your home or workplace. This article will help you with tips that you can use to select a freshwater fish aquarium for your home or office.


Tip 1: Decide on the location of the fish tank. You should select the location that is peaceful. You also need to keep in mind that the location will provide a good view of the aquarium to the viewers. Also keep in mind to avoid any unwanted rush around the aquarium. This can harm your fish. You should also try not to place the aquarium in the way as this can create a big mess if the aquarium is toppled over.


If you have a large area that can be utilized for the freshwater fish aquarium at your home or your office, you can go for a larger tank. Some freshwater fish aquaria are also installed on the wall. This depends on the space you want to allocate to the aquarium. You can also develop such an arrangement for the tanks that the feeding the fish and water replacement can be done from the end not visible to the viewers.


Tip 2: Buy a complete fish tank setup as that will ease your worries. You will just have to install the total setup in your location. The lights, heaters, filters should be included the complete fish tank setup. The filters will help to keep the toxins out of your freshwater fish aquarium. The heater will keep your aquarium’s water at the right temperature for the inhabitants. The normal temperature for a freshwater aquarium ranges between 72 degrees F to 78 degrees F. You can keep a floating thermometer in the tank or one attached to the outside of the tank to maintain the temperature of water.


Tip 3: Select the fish and plants according to the colors in your room. You should select the plants and fish that complement each other and the paint in your room. This is especially true of the fish that you will be keeping in the aquarium. The fish should also go well with each other. You can divide your freshwater fish aquarium into three imaginary divisions i.e. the top, mid, and lower level. The fish that you purchase will be the ones that either stay at the top, mid, or lower level of the tank.

This way you will not have any problems keeping the fish with different moods away from each other. You can also add decorations to the aquarium. This will enhance the way your aquarium looks.


If you have a dark couch or chairs in your room with off-white paint then you can easily go for brightly colored fish.


If these tips are followed you can buy a very good freshwater fish aquarium for yourself. The aquarium will surely be a treat to watch. You should keep the freshwater fish tank in such an area so that it seems that it has always belonged there.

Tips on How to Buy a Cheap Aquarium for fish

You can enjoy keeping an aquarium for fish. If you don’t know how to manage your purchases and what to get from where then this exciting hobby can prove to be very expensive. If you have a general idea about aquarium for fish then you can make considerable savings. You can follow the tips in this article and select a really good aquarium for yourself.


You can go for a second hand aquarium for fish. Go through the classified section of your newspaper. You can find some good quality aquariums this way.


If you find an aquarium, look for the transportation costs for the aquarium for fish. Try not to add to the original cost of the aquarium. The dimensions of the aquarium will be helpful to decide if you can fit it into your car or you’ll need to hire a van.


You can also look on the internet or any websites that give comparative rates for various aquariums. Some websites transport the tanks. This will be cost effective for you.


A number of charity shops offer second hand aquarium tanks. You can ask them if they have any such aquarium for fish. You will have to provide your contact details so that the staff can contact you in case any such aquarium is available for sale.


The glass supplier can cut the glass for you. This way you can assemble your own aquarium. You should take care to have the right size for the aquarium as you will need to buy the lids from the market and you don’t want to end up with no lid fitting your aquarium for fish.


If you put in a little effort you can find the most suitable aquarium for fish at a very reasonable cost.

5 substrate tips for freshwater aquariums

There are several aspects of a freshwater aquarium that make it look beautiful. One of them is the substrate of the aquarium. For beginners, substrate is the material that is put at the bottom of the aquarium. It is usually sand or gravel. If you don’t have any substrate you can go for a bare bottom of the aquarium but it does not look very beautiful. The freshwater aquatic life that you plan on keeping in the aquarium gets irritated by the glare. The substrate also removes this glare that develops if the aquarium has a bare bottom. Freshwater aquarium substrate is not the same as the saltwater aquarium substrate.

You should pay more attention to the substrate whenever you are setting up a new aquarium. It is a critical feature of any aquarium.  You can go through the five tips below to know more about the substrate.

Tip 1: Before placing your substrate in the freshwater aquarium, you should wash it thoroughly with hot water. It is also important to sterilize the tank completely. The tank should have the required environment. This also refers to the beneficial bacteria. This will make up the environment of the tank.

Tip 2: You should try to give a realistic look to your freshwater aquarium. You should ensure that the level of substrate rises from the front towards the back of the tank. Plants are an integral part of the aquarium. The environment of your aquarium will never be complete unless you put in some good plants. Certain dips and rises in the substrate will give the aquarium a much more realistic look.

Tips 3: Most of the people usually use a limestone substrate. Limestone, the building block of gravel, causes the Ph of water to rise. As a result, the water becomes hard. Once this happens, the aquarium won’t have soft water anymore. Most of the fish have difficulty surviving in the hard water. You can carry out a simple test to know if the water is hard. Add a few drops of vinegar in the aquarium. If the vinegar fizzes out, you will know that the pH of the water has increased and that you should replace the water.

Tip 4: You can add a sub-gravel filter to your freshwater aquariums. For this, you will need a minimum depth of 6cm to 7 cm. Sand is also used as a substrate. However, it needs to be cleaned regularly as the sand gets clogged.

Tip 5: You should take care while replacing the water of the aquarium. You should fill the cup so that the substrate does not get disturbed.

Now that you have quite a lot of information on the substrate used in a freshwater aquarium, you will be able to avoid the problems that would occur otherwise.

Fish Aquariums and Skin diseases

Although fish keeping is a very interesting hobby, it has some harmful points too according to a recent research. This news is especially for those who are very passionate about fish keeping. The first infection Mycobacterium marinum was first inflicted upon the people who are in close contact with the fish or the aquarium and its contents.

There is a recent research that there is a certain risk for skin infections for those who are enthusiasts for the fish aquariums. Infection in humans, who were fish aquarium enthusiasts, Mycobacterium marinum was first discovered to be a cause of aquarium fish.

It can survive in both the fresh water and salt water. Also, it is found in most parts of the world. It was also considered to be responsible for skin infection outbreaks in swimming pools. It was because of this reason that strict measures were taken for pool cleanliness and disinfection. Mycobactarium marinum couldn’t survive in a water tank that is well chlorinated.

These human infections are typically associated with trauma. These are particularly caused because of cuts and abrasions through fish spines or like. These injuries are typically confined to the arms and hands of marine workers. Mycobacterium marinum is a type of bacterium that doesn’t grow very well at body temperature. But they are also observed to be there in fish aquariums.

These infections take some time to develop and multiply. It is much very common in children than in adults. Almost half of those who get infected feel the pain.

There are few methods to prevent it:

o Using gloves when handling fish or cleaning fish aquariums. 
o Avoid fresh or salt water when you are have open cuts. 
o When you have to clean fish, wear heavy leather gloves so as to avoid cuts from their sharp spines. 

Feeding the Fish, in Aquarium fish tanks.

The most important part about looking after the fish in an aquarium is provision of food. You must make sure that fish at all levels in the tank get enough food. This is essential for their good health. It is better if you feed them at regular times. Food should be given twice or thrice a day. Once you make a schedule, ensure that you adhere to it completely. The food type depends greatly on the type and age if fish.

To adjust the fish’s biological clock set their meal times and stick to them. This will make them sound and healthy.

When you add the feed to the tank, the fish gather around it and eat the portion they’re in need of and just leave the rest, so you should add too much of the feed. This in itself is a very pleasing site. The amount of food a fish eats is determined by its type and size.

The food that is not eaten by the fish is just there in the aquarium tank and starts decaying. This produces a bad smell and toxins as well. Also, the excess food gets stuck in the filter, making it clogged. So if you add more food you will have to do extra cleaning.

If you make your fish eat a large amount of feed for a longer time, they can have digestive issues and can become seriously ill. Some fish can also die because of this. The fish’s stomachs bloat up, pressing the swim bladder. This part of the fish controls buoyancy so damage to this would lead the fish to struggle for swimming.

To check if they need more food you can first add a little food and check after 3 minutes if it is finished or not. Depending on this, you can see if there is more food needed by the fish. Taking care of the amount of feed a fish has can greatly increase their life.

Five Top Aquarium fish tank Accessories

If you are a fish aquarium hobbyist and want to have some details on the particular things that you need for proper maintenance and care of the aquarium fish tank  then you have just have to go through this document and I will be giving some useful tips for you. The accessories mentioned in this document are the ones that are experimented and are guaranteed to make your work easier.

For regular maintenance, one does need good tools to make the work easier. Deciding for good tools needs that you know about the issues. You may compromise on your tools because of your budget but this will affect your aquarium fish tank’s condition which in return affect the fish. So, it is not only about the fish but also about the time. You need to spend some time regularly on tank’s cleaning and like.

Now, lets move on to the list of five most important accessories that you need.

1.  A good brush:

 You need a good brush to clean the aquarium fish tank, itself, and the filter. Cleaning the filter is very important because it removes the bacteria that get settled down on it. You need a good and an appropriate sized brush that can be used in the tank.

2. Cleaner for Gravel:

You need to clean the gravel in your aquarium fish tank. You can easily get your gravel cleaned using your vacuum cleaner. It will take out the fish waste also.

3. Algae pads:

The algae pads are very common amongst fish hobbyists and used very widely by them. Be careful when buying one. Avoid the ones that have residual soap on them because it will cause harm to fish.

4. Glass cleaner:

The glass of the aquarium needs to be cleaned regularly. This will provide an attractive look to your aquarium. You can also get some wipes to clean the glass.

5. Scrapper:

Algae get stuck to the glass. You need to scrape it off with a scraper. So, it will be helpful to have one rather than using a razor as it might cause some scratches on the glass.

If you have these instruments than you’ll be able to maintain your aquarium fish tank very well.

5 substrate tips for freshwater aquariums

Many things about the freshwater aquariums make it attractive for the human eye. To name one of them is the aquarium substrate. Generally, substrate is anything that is left at the bottom of a container or a vessel. In this case, the substrate is sand or gravel. Most of the people prefer it with sand or gravel than a bland base. It adds a kind of a color to the aquarium. But it is important to note that freshwater aquarium substrate is not the same as saltwater aquarium substrate.

Many of us neglect it’s importance when we are setting up a new aquarium. It is a factor that needs special importance. Here are five tips about some problems and their consequences.

1. the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is washing your substrate, if possible, with hot water. Sterilization of the tank is also of great importance, so make sure about it too. For a healthier environment, you need to allow useful bacteria grow in it. This will keep your fish and other organisms healthy for a long while.

2. To keep things close to reality, make sure that that the substrate is higher at the back of the tank as compared to the front. Another vital part of your aquarium are the plants. You should keep some plants to make the environment close the natural one. Another thing to do would be not to level off the substrate. The rises and falls make it look more real.

3. The main component of the substrate is limestone. It causes the pH of the water to increase and hence the water becomes hard. When the water becomes alkaline, it becomes unfit for the survival of soft water fish. And if you do have such fish they’ll start dying. A simple test to check if the water is alkaline is by adding a little vinegar to the water. If you see bubbles then it means that the water needs to be changed. This test is helpful because vinegar being a mild acid reacts with the alkali present in water and produce bubbles of gas.

4. Sub-gravel filter can be used in the freshwater aquariums if the depth is around 6 to 7 cm. When sand is used as a substrate, extra care is required because clogging is a very common issue with it.

5. Also fill the aquarium slowly when you’re refilling it. This will not erode the substrate.

All these tips will help you build a healthy and clean aquarium and keep you away from lots of problems.

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